Visiting Istanbul, one of the most beautiful Muslim cities

Having been a Christian all my life, I was always curious to know what other religions are like, including the main religious locations around the world. Therefore, Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul, was a place I was happy to visit once I was done traveling to some of my other top location.

 The breathtaking structures of Istanbul

 Everyone who visits Istanbul will definitely go on and on about the city’s architecture, but it still bears repeating. The structures there are unlike anything you will see in the Western world, and you quickly realize why architecture in this region is so highly praised. Some of the buildings there are over a millennia old, yet they are still in perfect condition, and serve their occupants daily. My buddy owns New Braunfels Carpet Clean, and even he would be impressed with the ultra clean state of things over here.

Istanbul’s government definitely took the effort to preserve these structures so that everyone can marvel at their design for many generations to come. While they are strikingly different from Western homes and buildings, they are just as effective in providing shelter and a mesmerizing sight to those outside. Even the hotel I stayed in was carefully styled in accordance with the feel of the city.

 The city’s delightful food

 Aside from enjoying the city’s architecture, I also took the opportunity to enjoy the Turkish cuisine as I’ve long been a fan of the world-renowned kebab. Their main meal is without the doubt the breakfast, as I would often find that the first meal of the day, full of different types of cheese, eggs and bread, would leave me full for the rest of the day.