The Queen of London

London was one of my first traveling destinations and it made for an interesting venture into the unknown. It was nothing like Tubing down the Comal River back home. The city was somewhat strange in that it was a mixture of European culture and the English language, making it seem like I arrived someplace new without really leaving home.

 A place like home that is so far away

 The lack of a language barrier certainly made things easier, although everyone there could tell I was an American. The city is actually more expensive than one might think, not only much more so than most tourist destinations but even more pricey than the U.S. Regardless, it remains one of the more popular tourist destinations for those with a more refined taste.

 How London lives up to its reputation

 I didn’t have to search long to witness many of its signature sights, like the well-known red telephone booths on the streets and the seemingly always-gray weather. The people there also lived up to their reputation of loving their tea time routine, as public establishments always seemed to be crowded during a certain time of each day.


Aside from a very enjoyable cruise down the river, I also got to visit the fascinating British Museum with what appeared to be an endless amount of stunning displays. Of course, I couldn’t miss seeing the world-famous Big Ben and the Tower of London, both of which had tourist tours available regularly.  All in all, it was very pleasant to see another place where English is the main language that is so different from where I come from.