Visiting Thailand’s Greatest City

To this day, Bangkok remains one of the nicest cities I have ever visited in my many travels. Thailand’s capital is every bit as beautiful as the say and is definitely a rich tourist destination as it offers a little something to visitors from around the globe.

Shopping in Bangkok; fill your bags without emptying your pockets

My favorite part of visiting Bangkok was definitely the shopping aspect of it. You can buy loads of stuff there at bargain prices, especially if you are visiting the city from America like I was. In fact, the biggest issue was carrying all the stuff I bought back to the U.S., as I ended up having to part with some of my beloved purchases.

Other things I loved about Bangkok

Of course, shopping was far from the only thing I got to do while in Bangkok. Its many religious shrines and cultural structures are certainly marvels of Asian architecture, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find similar designs anywhere in the world.

Getting to know the Thai people was also a pleasant experience, as they were generally a pleasant bunch and very welcoming towards tourists, most of them readily offering their services. The urban parts of the city are very densely populated and the weather can be very humid and hot, potentially not making it the greatest destination for everyone, but I certainly loved it.