Islamabad is a beauty

Islamabad is capital of Pakistan. It is metropolitan city. This city was developed in 1960s to replace Karachi as a capital of Pakistan. This city is divided in administrative, diplomatic enclave, residential area, educational sector, industrial sector, commercial area, rural and green area into eight zones. This city has many parks and forests like Margalla hills National Park and Shakarparian Park. This city has a south Asia’s largest mosque Faisal Mosque and is also 4th largest mosque of the world.

  My friend at Tampa air conditioning installation was also telling me that The people living in Islamabad have very high standard of living and is very high on human development index. Only middle and upper class people live there. This city has Pakistan’s leading universities like Quaid-e-Azam University and NUST.

Margalla hills:

This is a complete range of hills which are also part of Murree hills. On top of Margalla hills there is Pir Sohawa. It is most attractive tourists place.

Faisal Mosque:

The mosque is very big and beautiful. Its construction started in 1976. Saudi king Faisal gave grant of $120million so the mosque was named as “Faisal Mosque” on his name. This mosque is great example of Islamic architecture. White marble and mosaics is used and calligrapher showed their skill by gemmed their calligraphic ideas. It has a capacity of 274,000 people.


This is located in middle of Margalla Hills. Monkeys are commonly found everywhere at this place. Visitors who go Pir Sohawa must stop at Damn-e-Koh to enjoy this beautiful place.

Pakistan Monument:

This is a heritage museum in Islamabad which symbolized the national unity. It is very popular picnic destination for visitors. It is located on west side of Shakerparian Hills. The structure of Pakistan Monument is like four petal blossoming flower which looks more beautiful in night. The plateform in center is made up of five pointed stars.