Hitchhiking as an alternate means of transportation

Hitchhiking is a great way to reach awesome places for those who are kind of short on cash or would just like to enjoy a whole new experience. When most people think of traveling, they imagine going somewhere in their own car, a bus or a plane. However, you can reach your destination just as easily while possibly meeting fun people in the process.

 My experience while hitchhiking

 I have hitchhiked several times both to traverse relatively close distances as well as when looking to go someplace far away. While the former case is straightforward enough and can sometimes be done with just a single vehicle, for the latter you might need to change several vehicles in order to reach where you need to go.

When making the decision to hitchhike as opposed to travel using other, most standard means, you should make some considerations to ensure your safety and ease of travel. Be mindful of the amount of luggage you are carrying as you likely won’t be able to carry nowhere near as much stuff as you would if you were using a car or a bus. Less load will also increase the likelihood of you being picked up.

 What to watch out for as a hitchhiker

Speaking of being picked up, also try to be very mindful of the people that end up doing so. While they are often simply nice strangers looking to give a ride to someone in need, they can also be someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind – always trust your gut when choosing whether to get in the vehicle.