​​​​Honolulu Attractions​​


Honolulu is one of the biggest cities of state of Hawaii; it is placed on the island of Oahu. My uncle who spent 5 years in there and who is currently working over http://smilenewbraunfels.com was telling us more about Honolulu. He said that: The location is the center hub for varied business activities and transportation needs. It is one of the remarkable and most visited tourist places of the state of Hawaii especially the Waikiki beach.  There are varied Honolulu attractions that an over a million people travel this place every year, given below are some advised list of things to do in Honolulu. You can never get fed up in this location with so many things and activities to do:

The Dolphin Adventures
If you are heading to this location, don’t forget to carry a towel and swimsuit along. Enjoy snorkeling adventure by escaping to the amazing paradise from Ko Olina Marina to the tip northernmost. The snorkel and dolphin adventure provides you remarkable dolphin view, green sea turtles, flying fish and whales. You can enjoy the snorkeling by renting best equipment to enjoy your time at Kaena Cliffs.

Grand Circle Island Bus Tour
The bus journey takes you around some beautiful highlights from Haleiwa to Diamond Head; they take you around to view wonderful attractions and hosted lunch. Some of the places they stop at are Byodo-in, Pali lookout, Halona Point, and valley of temples.

Hawaiian Ray Encounter
You can swim along the unique lagoon and enjoy the thrills by swimming in this beautiful adventurous location. You can use mask, float, snorkel vests that are provided here.

Magic of Polynesia
At Waikiki beach takes you down the supernatural trailer that fascinates the people of all age groups. Cross all the language issues and become a part of this beautiful magical moment with charming done dazzling lasers, pyrotechnics and special effect. The location also favors you the death trap escape sight and many such defying illusion giving best imaginations. The dinner choices contain lobster, sirloin, and chicken.

The Polynesian Cultural
This center supports you design your own tour to explore special places like Marquesas, Aotearoa, Islands of Samoa, Tahiti and olden Hawaii that contains cultural games, demonstration and other Polynesian presentations.

Alii Kai Dinner Cruise
This is a 2 hour cruise that performs live band with island dancers, you can love delicious  meals here with the options of pasta, grilled chicken, beef sirloin, sautéed mahi mahi, steamed crab legs and some of the amazing and best views of the place.
It is one of the wonderful places to visit for people of all age groups; Honolulu attractions bring you pure fun and pleasure to enjoy snorkeling and best food.

The Queen of London

London was one of my first traveling destinations and it made for an interesting venture into the unknown. It was nothing like Tubing down the Comal River back home. The city was somewhat strange in that it was a mixture of European culture and the English language, making it seem like I arrived someplace new without really leaving home.

 A place like home that is so far away

 The lack of a language barrier certainly made things easier, although everyone there could tell I was an American. The city is actually more expensive than one might think, not only much more so than most tourist destinations but even more pricey than the U.S. Regardless, it remains one of the more popular tourist destinations for those with a more refined taste.

 How London lives up to its reputation

 I didn’t have to search long to witness many of its signature sights, like the well-known red telephone booths on the streets and the seemingly always-gray weather. The people there also lived up to their reputation of loving their tea time routine, as public establishments always seemed to be crowded during a certain time of each day.


Aside from a very enjoyable cruise down the river, I also got to visit the fascinating British Museum with what appeared to be an endless amount of stunning displays. Of course, I couldn’t miss seeing the world-famous Big Ben and the Tower of London, both of which had tourist tours available regularly.  All in all, it was very pleasant to see another place where English is the main language that is so different from where I come from.

Islamabad is a beauty

Islamabad is capital of Pakistan. It is metropolitan city. This city was developed in 1960s to replace Karachi as a capital of Pakistan. This city is divided in administrative, diplomatic enclave, residential area, educational sector, industrial sector, commercial area, rural and green area into eight zones. This city has many parks and forests like Margalla hills National Park and Shakarparian Park. This city has a south Asia’s largest mosque Faisal Mosque and is also 4th largest mosque of the world.

  My friend at Tampa air conditioning installation was also telling me that The people living in Islamabad have very high standard of living and is very high on human development index. Only middle and upper class people live there. This city has Pakistan’s leading universities like Quaid-e-Azam University and NUST.

Margalla hills:

This is a complete range of hills which are also part of Murree hills. On top of Margalla hills there is Pir Sohawa. It is most attractive tourists place.

Faisal Mosque:

The mosque is very big and beautiful. Its construction started in 1976. Saudi king Faisal gave grant of $120million so the mosque was named as “Faisal Mosque” on his name. This mosque is great example of Islamic architecture. White marble and mosaics is used and calligrapher showed their skill by gemmed their calligraphic ideas. It has a capacity of 274,000 people.


This is located in middle of Margalla Hills. Monkeys are commonly found everywhere at this place. Visitors who go Pir Sohawa must stop at Damn-e-Koh to enjoy this beautiful place.

Pakistan Monument:

This is a heritage museum in Islamabad which symbolized the national unity. It is very popular picnic destination for visitors. It is located on west side of Shakerparian Hills. The structure of Pakistan Monument is like four petal blossoming flower which looks more beautiful in night. The plateform in center is made up of five pointed stars.

Limousine Service Available


There are various models used in building a limousine. In various countries, you can see their locally built cars in the sense that some of them are exotic while others are stretched. Of course, they are stretched locally and not every turn on the road can be overcome by this car in the first place. Therefore, the question is how do the people feel anytime they enter this kind of vehicle? How does the chauffeur feel when driving it around the city? Also, how does the car owner feel about the vehicle? 

According to Best San Antonio Limo, a limousine can boast not on a high price and usefulness of the vehicle but on its own few people. The car is available in the city and highly used by the people that have been dreaming of making statement with their occasions.  Limousines productions in US alone are perplexed in about 50 companies. Out of those are well known Tiffany Coachworks, Dream Coachworks, Crystal Enterprises and many others. All of these companies create wonderful things. For instance, in the model number of a Dream six axle Lincoln Navigator and Crystal could portray this kind of a wonderful creature known as Hummer H2 with 8 doors.

When view in the principle perspective, a standard filling that has American cars is enough to stretch as the transmission and the engine remain intact. However, the suspension and braking systems can be enabled – all the same, the entire weight of the car becomes too heavier. Therefore, it is mandatory to refine the system exhaust so as to conform to new length of the car.

Furthermore, limousine is said to be complete hen carrying out some procedures. The interior space and décor is what built limousines and all for the good of man. At the mirror ceiling shimmers stars – multicolored LEDs depict romantic sky located in the end of the cabin, mounted LCD TCs and two displays found at side racks.

You can arrange a party night in the vehicle and highlight the intimate semidarkness stroboscope flashes and filled the cabin space of artificial smoke and laser beams. You are free to turn off all of the above at once or request for it from the driver. Same panel is in the cabin too.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey


New Jersey has its own reputation that isn’t always the very best, but I won’t let this dissuade me from my plan to visit Atlantic City. Sometimes referred to as „little Las Vegas“, Atlantic City’s main attraction is its ability to shine, especially during the night.


Considered a gambler’s paradise, one could both say that gambling is the reason why one should visit the city, and why one should steer clear from it. If you’re not a gambler, you might find there isn’t as much to do in Atlantic City as there is in some other tourist destinations. If you are, however, you run the considerable risk of gambling far more than intended once the city’s dazzling casinos possess you.


A popular sporting venue


While I’m not much of a gambler, I’ll be sure to check out a few slot machines when I visit just for the heck of it. Since the city is a popular venue for notable sporting events, I’ll try my best to make it so my visit happens during such a time. Ideally, I will combine a longer trip to New York City with a shorter visit to Atlantic City due to how easily the latter is accessible from the former.

Visiting Istanbul, one of the most beautiful Muslim cities

Having been a Christian all my life, I was always curious to know what other religions are like, including the main religious locations around the world. Therefore, Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul, was a place I was happy to visit once I was done traveling to some of my other top location.

 The breathtaking structures of Istanbul

 Everyone who visits Istanbul will definitely go on and on about the city’s architecture, but it still bears repeating. The structures there are unlike anything you will see in the Western world, and you quickly realize why architecture in this region is so highly praised. Some of the buildings there are over a millennia old, yet they are still in perfect condition, and serve their occupants daily. My buddy owns New Braunfels Carpet Clean, and even he would be impressed with the ultra clean state of things over here.

Istanbul’s government definitely took the effort to preserve these structures so that everyone can marvel at their design for many generations to come. While they are strikingly different from Western homes and buildings, they are just as effective in providing shelter and a mesmerizing sight to those outside. Even the hotel I stayed in was carefully styled in accordance with the feel of the city.

 The city’s delightful food

 Aside from enjoying the city’s architecture, I also took the opportunity to enjoy the Turkish cuisine as I’ve long been a fan of the world-renowned kebab. Their main meal is without the doubt the breakfast, as I would often find that the first meal of the day, full of different types of cheese, eggs and bread, would leave me full for the rest of the day.


Hitchhiking as an alternate means of transportation

Hitchhiking is a great way to reach awesome places for those who are kind of short on cash or would just like to enjoy a whole new experience. When most people think of traveling, they imagine going somewhere in their own car, a bus or a plane. However, you can reach your destination just as easily while possibly meeting fun people in the process.

 My experience while hitchhiking

 I have hitchhiked several times both to traverse relatively close distances as well as when looking to go someplace far away. While the former case is straightforward enough and can sometimes be done with just a single vehicle, for the latter you might need to change several vehicles in order to reach where you need to go.

When making the decision to hitchhike as opposed to travel using other, most standard means, you should make some considerations to ensure your safety and ease of travel. Be mindful of the amount of luggage you are carrying as you likely won’t be able to carry nowhere near as much stuff as you would if you were using a car or a bus. Less load will also increase the likelihood of you being picked up.

 What to watch out for as a hitchhiker

Speaking of being picked up, also try to be very mindful of the people that end up doing so. While they are often simply nice strangers looking to give a ride to someone in need, they can also be someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind – always trust your gut when choosing whether to get in the vehicle.

Visiting Thailand’s Greatest City

To this day, Bangkok remains one of the nicest cities I have ever visited in my many travels. Thailand’s capital is every bit as beautiful as the say and is definitely a rich tourist destination as it offers a little something to visitors from around the globe.

Shopping in Bangkok; fill your bags without emptying your pockets

My favorite part of visiting Bangkok was definitely the shopping aspect of it. You can buy loads of stuff there at bargain prices, especially if you are visiting the city from America like I was. In fact, the biggest issue was carrying all the stuff I bought back to the U.S., as I ended up having to part with some of my beloved purchases.

Other things I loved about Bangkok

Of course, shopping was far from the only thing I got to do while in Bangkok. Its many religious shrines and cultural structures are certainly marvels of Asian architecture, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find similar designs anywhere in the world.

Getting to know the Thai people was also a pleasant experience, as they were generally a pleasant bunch and very welcoming towards tourists, most of them readily offering their services. The urban parts of the city are very densely populated and the weather can be very humid and hot, potentially not making it the greatest destination for everyone, but I certainly loved it.

South Africa’s Crown Jewel

The first thing that comes to the mind of many when someone mentions Africa is the distinct wilderness associated with this place. While it’s true that you can have a great and memorable safari in some parts of Africa that will leave you feeling spiritual and in touch with nature, South Africa is actually a place full of mixed cultures and a lot of civilization.

 Why the city did not disappoint

 Among many of the country’s cities, Cape Town is probably its most popular, and certainly a gem. I was fortunate enough to visit Cape Town during my travels, and have not come to regret it. In fact, I’m considering returning there in the future as it hardly feels like I got to experience everything that the city has to offer.

The city also has no shortage of amazing sights to behold, mixing beautiful African nature with a contemporary design of its urban areas.

 The cultural blend of Cape Town

 Aside from the unique feel that the city had, unlike something you might expect from a place in Africa, I was also amazed by the blend of cultures there. Apparently, people from all over the world not only choose to visit it regularly but also make it their home, creating for a very interesting mixture of different backgrounds all brought together on a single piece of land, far away.